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Students learn best when they are in a positive and safe environment that engages and challenges them intellectually. Create a community of learners. Provide opportunities to connect with each other and with you.  Here are some resources and tips to do just that.

Make the First Day Count

First impressions matter. Whether this is your first course or your 100th, your students’ first impression of you matters. Here are some resources for making the first day of your course work for both you and your students:

Inclusive Teaching

Inclusive teaching refers to the strategies we can use in the classroom to address the needs of students with a variety of abilities, backgrounds and learning preferences. In an inclusive environment, all students feel valued, regardless of their ethnicity, age, ability, identity or family background.  We have compiled some resources to help you better understand your students’ needs and to assist you in ensuring inclusive teaching practices here.

Managing the Learning Environment

Classroom management strategies are an important element of effective instruction. Expectations for behavior, as well as consequences for not meeting expectations, should be discussed at the beginning of the semester and in course syllabi. Click here for some resources to help.

Student Success

UTSA is dedicated to the academic advancement and life-long success of our students. Visit UTSA’s Student Success Center page for some resources to help you, help our diverse student population.