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The syllabus is a crucial component of your course, serving as both a contract and a roadmap to guide students towards success. We have gathered the following resources to assist you in creating an impactful and effective syllabus.


An effective syllabus includes: purposeful course objectives, policies, assessment methods and a clear schedule. Review the following resources to easily build a syllabus that outlines how students can be successful in your course.

Resource Spotlight: 

UTSA Syllabus Template is accessible, includes all university policies, and accommodates varying course schedules to create a student-centered syllabus. 

Simple Syllabusa streamlined syllabus platform integrated with Canvas.

Communication and Engagement

A welcoming syllabus is written in a supportive tone and creates a sense of community via a clear communication plan that is engaging and easy to understand. Review the following UTSA Faculty Spotlight to see an example of a dynamic, student-centered syllabus.

Faculty Spotlight: 

Professor of Instruction, Andrea Aleman – POL 1013

Student Support

Promote student success by preparing a student-centered syllabus, setting clear expectations, offering resources for academic support, and fostering a positive learning environment. Review the following UTSA Faculty Spotlight for ways to offer tips and support to students as they navigate the syllabus document.

Faculty Spotlight: 

“Reading the Syllabus” created for students by Assistant Professor of Practice, Jodi Peterson