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Authentic assessments provide learners with opportunities to apply what they learned to different real world experiences and develop marketable and transferable skills, including those defined by UTSA’s General Education Core Curriculum: 

  • Oral, written and visual communication  
  • Ethical judgement 
  • Teamwork 
  • Critical and analytical skills 
  • Personal and social responsibility 

As a result, authentic assessments are generally active, hands-on experiences designed with the kinds of problems and activities a student might face in their chosen career path.

Examples include: 

  • Using real case studies from the workforce that require the learner to solve a problem. 
  • Having learners create a product to share with professionals who work in the field. 
  • Engaging learners in role-play and simulations where they have to respond on the spot to real issues. 

Finally, true authentic assessments give students the opportunity to try, fail, learn, and try again, which leads to higher retention and deeper learning, Giving students the room to master the skills needed to be successful helps them develop a growth mindset. For more visit UTSA’s General Education Core Curriculum page and view the Developing a Growth Mindset with Carol Dweck video.

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