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April 24, 2018

The final week of school is upon us. Papers need to be graded, presentations heard, tests written, and grades finalized. Most students already have one eye (or even two) out the door. Who can blame them? We have our own summers to plan (for more about that, join us for the Provost Academy!).

We often talk about making the first day count. What about the last day? Let’s make it count, too.

  • Celebrate a funny moment from class.
  • Honor the struggles and celebrate the triumphs.
  • Acknowledge perseverance.
  • Ask them what mattered most, and then highlight what you hope they take into the future.
  • Let them know that you want to help them take their next steps.
  • Ask those graduating to stand up. Give them the round of applause they deserve.
  • Tell them how they can stay connected with you.
  • Tell them to come back, whether it is for their next semester or as part of our alumni association.

Before they go, take time to celebrate.