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By Terri J. Matiella, Ph.D.
UTSA 2020-21 Next-Gen Faculty Fellow
Co-Director, Core Curriculum and Assessment for Environmental Science
Senior Lecturer, Department of Environmental Science and Ecology

Digital literacy goes far beyond being able to read and write. It is also evaluated by an individual’s ability to produce text, images, audio and designs using technology. As an Adobe Creative Campus UTSA faculty, staff and students have full access to Adobe Creative Cloud, a set of applications and services that gives users access to a collection of software for graphic design, video editing, web development and photography.

Replace a traditional paper or exam with a creative project like designing a Adobe Spark page or app prototype to teach others about the topic, or an infographic to convey information learned. Students could use a Discussion Board or Padlet to share with the class! Breaking a project up into sections with multiple due dates or using a group project can help manage grading and project management.

Storytelling for Impact

Read how others at UTSA are using Adobe Creative Cloud here.

Digital literacy is not only understanding how a tool works but why it is useful in the real world and how to find and communicate important information. Being proficient in these skills can translate to student success in the classroom as well as in the workforce when collaborating with colleagues and communicating information to customers.