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By Terri J. Matiella, Ph.D.
UTSA 2020-21 Next-Gen Faculty Fellow
Co-Director, Core Curriculum and Assessment for Environmental Science
Senior Lecturer, Department of Environmental Science and Ecology

Just as we sometimes need a checklist to manage our tasks, students also need help organizing their workflow. They may have multiple classes with competing deadlines, or several projects with parts due at different times. Providing a checklist for an important project, or for each unit, can help students stay organized, on task, and hopefully help us deal less with late assignments!

Creating a checklist for a project or a class unit can ensure students complete everything needed to be successful. Word makes it easy to create a checklist with all the required parts of the project or unit, including multiple due dates. The checklist can be uploaded as a Blackboard assignment and even be submitted for bonus points, making it more likely students will review the requirements and complete them!