Provost Teaching Innovation Grants

The Office of the Provost and the Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars are pleased to announce The Provost Teaching Innovation Grants.

Two teaching grants, each up to $5,000 each, will be awarded to faculty who are developing or implementing innovative, creative, and effective approaches to student success in undergraduate teaching and service learning. These approaches can include but are not limited to interdisciplinary activities, new methodologies, best-practices, pilots, new experiences in teaching for students, or the addition of impactful technologies.

Grant funds can be applied to course release or summer salary, undergraduate or graduate research, or teaching assistants, and supplies or equipment specifically needed for the project. Travel expenses will not be covered. All full time faculty are eligible to apply (non-tenure track, tenure track, or tenured).

At the conclusion of the grant, grantees will be expected to provide a report that includes 1) a final syllabus; 2) assessment, including student evaluations of the new approach; 3) analysis and future plans based on the findings including scalability to a larger group.  Grantees will be asked to present their results at a meeting of the Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars. They may also be asked to participate in a workshop to interested faculty and/or in Faculty Center news articles.

The Committee will use the following Evaluation Criteria:

  • Promise and benefits of innovation or improvement
  • Potential impact of the change
  • Value/potential of interdisciplinary teams
  • Quality of Dissemination plan
  • Effectiveness of Evaluation plan
  • Potential for scalability to a larger group

Proposal Submission

The 2017/2018 application is currently open!  Applications are due September 15, 2017.

Applications can be filled out at

Proposals should be no more than five pages and should outline the following:

  • Explanation of the innovation or improvement (if a best practice or pilot how it has been effective elsewhere)
  • Impact on student success
  • Anticipated impact beyond student success
  • Plan to evaluate success
  • Plan to disseminate results

The following addenda should be attached:

  • Proposed course syllabus
  • Budget with justification
  • List of courses taught in last 2 years with enrollments and student evaluations

Deliverables if funded:

  • Mid-term report
  • Final report
  • Presentation to ADTS