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By Terri J. Matiella, Ph.D.
UTSA 2020-21 Next-Gen Faculty Fellow
Co-Director, Core Curriculum and Assessment for Environmental Science
Senior Lecturer, Department of Environmental Science and Ecology

Midterm grades are due this week! Some courses may not have many grades recorded yet or may have a large project due toward the end of the semester. Letting students know where they stand now with an accurate midterm grade can help them gauge what they need to do to be successful for the rest of the course. 

Some students may not understand the midterm grade is an indicator of progress and can change over time. Sending an email or announcement to let students know midterm grades are coming out this week and reminding them there are still assignments to complete and more grades to factor into the course average, can reinforce that their grade can change between now and the end of the semester.

If students are not where they need to be, point out they have time to improve and share some resources to help, including these UTSA student success services. If the students are doing well, encourage them to keep up the good work and remind them there is still the other half of the semester to go!

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