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In the age of COVID-19 and beyond, the University of Texas System and institutions have an opportunity to spur and support deeper curricular innovation. This project is designed to re-imagine experiential learning in core curriculum and/or high‐enrollment gateway courses for hybrid and remote learning environments that will strengthen relevance, responsiveness and resilience in UT System students and academic universities.

Grants to Faculty for Experiential and Project Based Learning

The UT System Office of Academic Affairs is pleased to make available funds to seed campus projects to develop virtual and hybrid models for experiential and project‐based learning in the core curriculum and/or high‐enrollment gateway courses. A total of $150,000 is available. Projects will be funded at up to $5,000 (for individuals), $8,000 (for collaborations within a single institution), and $12,000 (for cross‐institution collaborations). Funds will be awarded primarily as stipends to compensate faculty and staff time; S & E required for project development and/or collaboration needs may also be designated in proposal budgets (see below).

Collaboration is strongly encouraged, especially across academic institutions. While focused on the Core Curriculum and/or high‐enrollment gateway courses, projects might involve student affairs, libraries, career services, and others involved in providing High‐Impact Practices (HIPs) and experiences to students. Proposals including collaboration with external partners (industry, community‐based, non‐profit) will receive special
consideration. Proposals are encouraged from instructors at all levels, and from diverse departments and units as well as faculty and staff.

Submission Deadline January 6, 2021.

Please use this Budget Template and include it in your proposal here, no later than January 6, 2021.

UTSA will submit four proposals to the UT System from UTSA faculty. Each college dean will review applications from their college and provide input. A committee designated by the Provost will determine the top four for submission to the UT System by January 15, 2021.