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All assignments require essential components to ensure that students and teachers understand not only the learning objective of the assignment, but the steps needed to complete them successfully.

Photo Assignments

We all want our students to not only understand the material, but to also relate it to something that makes it interesting and personal. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, why not use a photo – instead of a paper or essay – to see what students have learned across any discipline and subject area?  It can replace an assignment or be used as a wrap up for a unit, with bonus points toward an exam. 

Photo assignments can be created in Blackboard as an AssignmentDiscussion Board, or Padlet. Students can create a photo via Adobe Spark or find one with Adobe Stock or Pixabay and upload it, with a short (3-5 sentences) narrative describing the main concept of a unit/topic, or how the content is relevant to their lives. This allows students to consider what image best represents the concept, think about it critically, and process ideas through their own lens. 

  • What do I know? 
  • How do I show/explain it?
  • How is this relevant to me?

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