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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way higher education institutions approach teaching and learning. AI is also playing an increasingly larger role across the workforce as jobs that require AI skills are expanding. AI is expected to have a profound impact on industries and society as a whole, offering new solutions to complex problems and enabling new forms of innovation. 

The opportunities for AI to revolutionize our society and economy are vast and exciting. AI technologies can enhance and personalize learning experiences, facilitate data-driven decision-making, and automate repetitive tasks. Higher education institutions can provide students with hands-on experience and the skills necessary to succeed in the AI job market by incorporating AI into the curriculum.  

UTSA, as a leading Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) with Carnegie R1 classification, is incorporating AI into the curriculum and leveraging it to close the gap in education and STEM careers for Hispanic students by preparing them for in-demand AI-careers. The implementation of AI in HSIs can also have a positive impact on their communities by driving economic growth and creating new job opportunities. 

Join the conversation and explore AI resources designed to support faculty and students in their teaching and learning journey.

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