Active Learning Strategies

Active learning promotes engagement with course materials and energizes the classroom, but how do we move students from passive listeners to active learners? This session is a discussion about strategies to engage students in activities that promote analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of course content.


Group Work

Group projects teach important skills that are highly sought by employers, but they are often accompanied with fears and frustration. This workshop explores how to avoid common pitfalls and create effective group assignments.


Large Classes

Whether you’re teaching to a room of 100 or 300, effective learning in large classes requires strategy and preparation. This hands-on workshop discusses ideas for attendance, engagement, exams, and using technology to pull it all together.



This workshop presents techniques for gaining and keeping interest, organizing information for learning, and actively engaging students with the material. Participants will leave with resources that can be used to develop their skills as lecturers and public speakers.


PowerPoint (Beginner)

PowerPoint has been described as everything from pointless and boring, to downright evil. Yet, great visual aids can improve understanding and increase student achievement on assessments. Don’t abandon this ubiquitous tool just yet. You can make PowerPoint an interesting and engaging part of your classroom experience. Participants will learn strategies to use text for maximum impact, create visual impact, and increase visibility.


PowerPoint (Advanced)

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn some tips and tricks for enhancing PowerPoint presentations, including manipulating images, creating templates, customizing toolbars, and easy shortcuts.


Textbooks/Course Materials and Learning

Faculty work hard to select course materials that don’t get read. Students spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year on books they don’t use. This workshop is about the connection between texts and student learning. Participants will learn targeted strategies for getting students to engage with class readings.

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