President Eighmy’s vision for UTSA is to be an exemplar for strategic growth and innovative excellence. To advance this goal of excellence through innovation, the division of Academic Innovation in Academic Affairs is establishing new programs to facilitate faculty to adopt innovative pedagogy in their teaching of UTSA’s courses. The redesign of these courses will not only advance innovation but also will contribute to improved student success, greater access to courses for students, and foster academic development of our faculty.

This program is designed to provide support for full-time, tenure and non-tenure track faculty interested in applying pedagogical innovation or adopting a fresh perspective to high-enrollment, core, gateway, or other high-risk undergraduate courses. Teams of faculty are highly encouraged to apply.

Examples of instructional approaches include, but are not limited to:

  • Active, experiential or cooperative learning
  • Effective and appropriate utilization of technology
  • Activities that enhance students critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Inventive assessment activities
  • Strategies that improve student retention
  • Are scalable and able to be replicated by other faculty members

Preference will be given to collaborative or department level applications. Grantees will work in consultation with the office of Teaching and Learning Services, Online Learning, and other departments as appropriate. Up to $30,000 can be requested to support redesign of a course or a sequence of related courses.  Eligible expenses include summer pay, salary supplement (10% of 9-month rate), graduate student support, instructional materials, professional development, and relevant equipment. Five 18-month grants of $30,000 are available. 

 Application Submission Guidelines (3 pages maximum)
  • Description of the course to be revised
  • Explanation of the proposed changes to the course and their potential impact
  • Semester enrollment in the course and frequency of course
  • Names of faculty participating in the course redesign project
  • Explanation of the innovation or improvement (if best practice, please explain how it has been effective elsewhere)
  • Project goals (impact on student success, retention, learning, etc.)
  • Plan to evaluate success (grantees are responsible for consulting with UTSA’s institutional review board to determine if the project assessment involves human subjects and constitutes exempt or non-exempt activity)
  • Plant to disseminate information about the change and the results
  • Letter of support from Department Chair
  • 18-month budget
 Evaluation Criteria

The Committee will use the following Evaluation Criteria:

  • Promise and benefits of innovation or improvement
  • Potential impact of the change
  • Value/potential of interdisciplinary teams
  • Quality of Dissemination plan
  • Effectiveness of Evaluation plan
  • Potential for scalability to a larger group
  • Budget
Project Deliverables
  • Course documentation including syllabus, learning materials, online course materials any faculty training or development
  • Assessment, including metrics on success and student evaluations of the new approach
  • Analysis of process, intervention, cost effectiveness, and outcomes
  • Suggested plan to scale to a larger population

Applications are due no later than 5pm on December 1, 2018. Grantees will be selected no later than December 14, 2018. Grant period: January 1, 2019 – June 20, 2020.

For questions or more information, please contact Mary Dixson at