One of the most important elements of your course is the syllabus. Your syllabus should be more than just a contract between you and your students. It should be a roadmap showing students how to navigate and have success in your course. Below we've created some resources to make it easier for you to create an effective syllabus for your course.

NOTE: UTSA requires that all course syllabi include all the policies from the Common Syllabus Instructions found here. 

We recommend you also include the Common Course Policies that work best for your course from this downloadable word doc, and attach this overview of UTSA Student Support Services.

UTSA Syllabus Templates
Other Resources

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Infographic Syllabus Example (This example was created in Canva with a free account. The text links to each element of the syllabus. You can hyperlink to your own personal web site, Google doc, or other place where you can store the text for the document. Canva provides templates for syllabi here. Make sure you save as a PDF so you can include hyperlinks.)

Sample Graphic Syllabus (This example was created in Microsoft Word.)

Graphic Syllabus Example (This example was created in Microsoft PowerPoint.)

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