Creating Your Syllabus

For your convenience, Teaching and Learning Services provides links to the elements you need for creating your syllabus below.

  • Include these policies in your syllabus, or download and post the document to Blackboard to make sure your students receive the Required University Policies (PDF).
  • Use these Common Course Policies (Microsoft Word) as a starting point for developing your own course policies. Make sure you include similar policies in your syllabus or post them to your Blackboard course site. Feel free to cut and paste these and edit as needed for your own use.
  • Make sure your students have access to this overview of UTSA Student Support Services (PDF) by posting with your syllabus in your Blackboard course site or attaching it to your syllabus when you distribute it to your students.

Syllabus Templates

Syllabus Examples

  • Standard Syllabus Example (This example was created using the Standard Syllabus Template with full policies)
  • Infographic Syllabus Example (This example was created in Canva with a free account. The text links to each element of the syllabus. You can hyperlink to your own personal web site, Google doc, or other place where you can store the text for the document. Canva provides templates for syllabi here. Make sure you save as a PDF so you can include hyperlinks.)
  • Sample Graphic Syllabus (This example was created in Microsoft Word.)
  • Graphic Syllabus Example (This example was created in Microsoft PowerPoint.)

More Syllabus Resources